The Benefits of Picking an Authentic Day Spa

dayspa-treatmentWhen people book day spas they often do so without paying much attention to the cultural authenticity of their treatments, in favour of simply receiving stimulating therapies. Although many spas will aspire to offer services that are as traditional as possible, the truth is that it can be much simpler to offer a more modern range of features.

As beneficial and enjoyable as these services can be, there’s no denying that an authentic treatment can do something to the soul – bringing joy that modern alternatives simply can’t replicate. These benefits are becoming more and more prominent as the years go by and clients begin to demand a taste of authenticity, in favour of more modern services.

But what are the real benefits of these types of treatments?

People have been practicing therapies for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians would often undergo particular types of massage, whilst the Romans and Ancient Greeks enjoyed nothing more than the cleansing properties of organic baths. These days, although many of these services are still available – they will often pose their own unique take on things.

Scientifically speaking, the benefits can be very similar, but the experience is what often carries far more weight. Modern massage might loosen tight muscles and stimulate healing, but traditional massage (such as hot stone and Thai) can do that, and so much more. These forms are also ideal from an emotional and spiritual point of view.

Modern masseurs can certainly offer a substantial amount of relaxation, but imagine the additional effects of having hot stones strategically placed over parts of the body; with the intention of stimulating nerves and relaxing cells. These ancient techniques were practiced for a reason – and that’s because they were simply so effective.

Can modern spas replicate these techniques?

Although many spas prefer to offer their own unique approach to therapies, choosing a day spa that keeps their practices as traditional as possible can be even more enjoyable. The chances of having a live orchestra play relaxing music is less likely these days (where it would have been a natural feature in Ancient Egypt), but that’s not to say that similar results can’t be achieved.

Instead of a live band, a playlist of relaxing harmonics and rhythms can be used instead to the same effect. In fact, by combining traditional and modern practices it’s actually even more possible to create a relaxing atmosphere for clients. There are even day centres that offer hot tub and sauna services in the traditional way; with herbs, spices and organic formulas to rejuvenate, replenish and renew skin cells and dermal layers.

Some go even further by using traditional heating techniques that rely on fire and coal – and these services are something that people should experience at least once in their lifetimes. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a therapy in much the same way as our ancestors would have; albeit with the modern luxuries afforded by spas and beauty salons.

As great as regular spas can be, there’s no denying that authentic alternatives can promote a feeling of primitive pleasure – the likes of which isn’t easy to come by in this modern era of advanced technology.